I use Knack,  a user-friendly platform that allows a wide range of individuals and businesses to build custom web and mobile applications without requiring extensive coding skills, e.g.,

  1. Small Business Owners: Small business owners who need a customised database or application to manage their operations, track inventory, or handle customer information could use Knack to build a tailored solution.

  2. Entrepreneurs: Entrepreneurs with a vision for a web or mobile app but limited technical expertise could use Knack to prototype and launch their ideas.

  3. Non-Profit Organizations: Non-profit organizations could use Knack to create applications for donor management, volunteer tracking, or program management.

  4. Educators: Teachers and educational institutions can build applications for tracking student progress, managing course registrations, or handling administrative tasks.

  5. Event Planners: Event planners can use Knack to create registration systems, attendee management tools, or event tracking applications.

  6. Healthcare Professionals: Healthcare professionals can use Knack to build databases for patient records, appointment scheduling, or research data management.

  7. Real Estate Professionals: Real estate agents or agencies can create applications for property listings, client management, and transaction tracking.

  8. Community Organizations: Local community organisations and associations can use Knack to build membership databases, event registration systems, and communication tools.

  9. E-commerce Businesses: E-commerce businesses looking to customise their order management systems or customer databases can benefit from Knack.

  10. Individuals with Specific Needs: Even individuals who have a specific personal project, like a hobby or personal database, can use Knack to build a custom application.

While Knack is designed to be user-friendly, some level of familiarity with database concepts and basic web application design could be helpful. That's where Melic Solutions can get you started on your journey and beyond.


Knack Features